Own Your Season (Preparing to Become a Father)


There is a lie in my mind that says that what I want is in the future. There is a voice in my head that tells me to jump to the next thing rather than enjoying the present season that God has put me in.

However, I have learned that God has me exactly where He wants me to be. In fact, what happens tomorrow is directly tied into how I experience today. When I own my season today, it naturally propels me to what God has in store for me tomorrow.

This has come to my mind as I think about becoming a father. The time is clicking and my life is about to change; forever.

My wife and I keep saying to each other, “It is never going to be the same. It is never going to be just us anymore. Once the baby is born, ‘Willdrea’ is over.” Statements like this are shared between us as we continue with our first pregnancy.

Life is a trip.

Through this process, I am so thankful to the Lord. My heart is overwhelmed by His grace, kindness and goodness towards me. As we prepare to have a child, I cannot help but think about how He has led me step by step exactly as I needed. When I wanted to rush, He slowed me down. When I wanted to know, He took me on a journey. And for that I am so grateful.

What comes to my mind are three stages: 1) When I was single, 2) When it was just me and Andrea and 3) when I will become a father. 

There are stages to this thing called life. There were things that I learned as a single man that prepared me to be a married man. Now there are things I learned as a husband that is preparing me to be a father. If I would have rushed through any of those seasons, I would not be the man I am today. Many people are trying to rush through their lives. High schoolers want to be in college, college students want to have a career, single people want to be married and married couples want a family. Though these are not bad, if not approached in the right way, we can miss what God has in store for us today.  

Sometimes I look at myself and think I am not fit to be a father. Sometimes I look at how hard and harsh life can be and I get scared at the thought that I will raise a child in this broken world. Sometimes I get anxious as I think about the uncertainties of my future and how I ought to lead my family. But whenever I feel that way, I stop and turn around. I turn around and see how faithful He has been. I see His fingerprints all over my life. I see the Author of my life writing and weaving His beautiful story in and through my life. And when I see that, my heart is overwhelmed with excitement. When I see His hands at work, my heart is filled with faith. 

All this to say, I am learning how important it is to own your season. I am learning how important it is to steady my soul and praise my God for where I am today. There is a song in my heart that wants to thank God for giving me the grace to steward and own each day. I want to encourage you to do the same. Own the day, own the season. God has you exactly where He wants. Rather than daydreaming about a better day, thank Him for where He has placed you right now. 

William Chung2 Comments