God is my Refuge (Through the Psalms)


"In the LORD I take refuge” ^Psalm 11:1 

David, most likely fleeing from King Saul writes, “In the LORD I take refuge” (Psalm 11:1). Enemies are surrounding him, and instead of fighting back or taking matters into his own hands, he puts his life into the hands of God. I wonder if David’s life was marked by hardship and suffering because God wanted to teach him this very thing. To teach David how to dwell in the presence and sovereignty of God. 

What is this refuge and how can we enter it? The word refuge in Hebrew here means,”shelter or protection from danger.” David finds his refuge and protection in God. How did David do this? David trusted in the sovereignty and character of God. David confesses, “For the LORD is righteous; he loves righteous deeds; the upright shall behold his face” (Psalm 11:7). As David declares this truth about God, it enables him enter into God’s refuge. David is preaching to himself that God takes care of the righteous and as a result does not need to fight and defend himself. O what a powerful secret it is to learn how to take refuge in God.

You and I will be tempted to take refuge in many things other than God. We will run to family, friends, our career and so much more. But like David, I pray that you and I will run and take refuge in the presence of God. 

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