How to Go Through "Mornings with God"


How to Go Through "Mornings with God"

My heart and vision for Mornings with God is to take people deeper into God’s Word and presence first thing in the morning. 

Living in our society and fast-pace culture, it is so easy to go throughout the day without stopping to feed our souls with God’s Word. It is tempting to move along the day without acknowledging God’s divine presence in our lives and as a result, we live shallow Christian lives. No depth. No real intimacy.

I kept feeling an inner tug from the Lord to write a lot more this season. With this desire to write more coupled with my passion to take people deeper into God’s Word and presence, I decided to write daily posts through the book of Psalms focusing on David’s prayers.

Why Psalms?

I decided to start with Psalms because Psalms in essence is a book about how to worship God. The book of Psalms is a collection of 150 songs and prayers written by individuals and communities expressing their heart to God. In it contains the rawest of emotions ranging from unceasing anguish to exuberant joy. I also specifically wanted to write through what is traditionally known as the Psalms of David. I chose to write and focus on the Psalms of David because according to God, David was a man after God’s own heart. David was a worshipper. I am praying and believing that God will teach us how to worship him through every season and trial of our lives. 

How does Mornings with God work best?

  1. First thing in the morning. I would encourage and challenge people to try to get into God’s Word first thing in the morning. Before school, work and social media; God’s Word. I know some are receiving the daily posts from different time zones, so this may not be possible for everyone. 
  2. Read the entire Psalm. Read the entire Psalm before reading Mornings with God. If you click on the verse it will direct you to the full chapter.
  3. Supplemental to God’s Word. Try to make Mornings with God supplemental and not your main course of food. I would encourage you to already be reading through the Scriptures, but make Mornings with God an extra oomph for you to dive deeper into God’s Word. 
  4. Consistency. Depth is impossible without consistency. I want to challenge you to try to read God’s Word consistently and not sporadically. It will have a huge impact on your walk with God. 
  5. Of course there are others ways to go about reading through the morning posts, but just a recommendation to get the most out of it. 

I also periodically write leadership posts to help people see how God leads us in our everyday lives. You will receive those posts as well. I pray and trust that God will use your time with Him each morning to take you deeper into His Word and presence! 



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