Putting Our Trust in God (Through the Psalms)


Some trust in chariots and some in horses,but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. ^Psalm 20:7 (Click here to read entire Psalm)

Where do you put your trust? Who do you put your trust in? When you are pressed and pushed against the wall, who do you look to?

David looks to God.

This Psalm was written and read to the army of Israel as they are about to go to war. It is clear from the context that they are facing a military force. Before they march to battle, they remind themselves that God is on their side. 

Chariots and horses are used metaphorically to represent the the most advance military forms of warfare. David is saying that while people may trust in the strongest military power, he will put his trust in God. 

In our life, we will also have many battles and wars to be fought. God will call us into territories that we must fight and overcome to become all that He has called us to be. Bouts with doubt, depression, confusion, fear and life as a whole will find it’s way at our doorsteps.

In these moments who will we trust? What will we trust? Will we lean chariots and horses or on the Lord? The believer must always cry out to God and put their confidence in Him. God is the one who saves and God is the one who delivers.

Rather than trusting in our own abilities and those around us, remember to lean into the Lord.

Where do you put your trust? Your future? Your job? Your friends? 

William ChungComment