Surrendering Your Pain to God (Through the Psalms)


You have seen, O LORD; be not silent! O Lord, be not far from me! Awake and rouse yourself for my vindication, and for my cause, my God and my Lord! ^Psalm 35:22-23 (Click to read entire Psalm)

Have you ever been bitter or angry at someone? Do you have people who have hurt you physically or emotionally? When this happens we either have one of two responses: 1)  we suppress our anger and try to move on without dealing with our pain or 2) we retaliate by taking matters into our own hands.

We will all have moments in our lives when people do us wrong. It is only a matter of time before someone hurts you again. How should we respond when this happens?

Bring it to God. 

David is repeatedly being mistreated here. David says he is being mistreated “without cause.” Without cause means he is being mistreated unjustly and is declaring himself innocent of the accusations used against him.

David responds by being honest with how he feels and asking God to take control over his situation. 

Many Christians suppress how they feel and ignore the internal pain that they are going through. Others take matters into their own hands and inflict the same pain they are feeling on those who have hurt them. David on the other hand trusts that God would take care of the situation. Instead of taking matters into his own hands, he gives it into the hands of God. By reading the entire Psalm, it is clear that David himself wants to take vengeance but chooses to trust that God will be the one who vindicates him. It is also evident that David has a lot of internal anger and hurt but he brings it to God by honestly sharing what he feels with the Lord.

I pray that you and I do the same. 

William ChungComment