Do You Have the Fear of God? (Through the Psalms)


"The friendship of the LORD is for those who fear him, and he makes known to them his covenant” ^Psalm 25:14

Fear. What a foreign concept to the western mind when it comes to the fear of God. 

As westerners, most of us like to focus on God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness. We are more drawn to metaphors like Jesus being our friend and husband more than Lord and Master.

David here gives us a great insight in how we ought to approach God; in reverence.

When you think of God and worship Him does the word reverence ever come to mind? Reverence is a deep sense of respect and honor that is shown from one individual to another for the position and authority the other person holds. That is what the fear of the Lord is, reverence.

When we get a grasp of God’s holiness and majesty we cannot help but respond in godly fear that allows us to have closer intimacy with Him. 

When David says, “The friendship of the LORD is for those who fear him” he is stating that without a biblical measure of the fear of the LORD we will not be able to experience the fullness of God’s presence and fellowship in our lives. 

Like David, I want to encourage you today to have a healthy measure of fear (reverence) when it comes to your relationship with God. This will allow you to experience God in ways that you otherwise will not be able to. 

William ChungComment