Your Will Be Done (Through the Gospels)


“...Not my will, but yours, be done” ^Luke 22:42.

When we pray one of our first goals must be to lay aside all our desires and come to a place of neutral standing. When we go into prayer with an agenda it will be difficult to discern what God truly wants.

When you truly live to do God's will, you will not care what the outcome of your prayer or even life is. As long as your heart is yielded to do whatever God desires, you will be content with the how God leads your life. When you lay aside your expected outcomes, it frees you to truly discern the voice of God. This is why Jesus prayed, "Your will be done.” Jesus had brought himself to a neutral stance. Jesus was saying, “Father, it doesn’t matter what I want, what do You want?” It was this type of heart that was able to discern the Father’s will. If Jesus had gone into prayer already fixated what He had hoped for, He would not have been able to know God’s will for Him.

I have had so many times in my life when I went into prayer with an agenda. I came in with a checklist of things that I wanted God to bless. However, those prayer times never left fruitful. I would feel stuck and hurried in my time of prayer. The overflow of the Holy Spirit and grace was substituted by angst and unease. However, when I come to the Lord with no other agenda than to do whatever He asks of me, His grace and love overwhelms me. His Spirit begins to lead me. 

Today, whatever you have been asking God to do in your life, lay it down and just confess, “Not my will, but yours, be done.” 


William ChungComment