Is Your Heart Pure? (Through the Gospels)


“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” ^Matthew 5:8. (Click to read entire passage)

God looks at the heart. 

What makes Christianity distinct from all other religions, is that our God looks at our motives more than our external behavior. You and I can do good deeds that look impressive to others, but God is only moved by the heart.

So what is Jesus implying by saying, “Blessed are the pure in heart”? Jesus is talking about a person whose life is motivated by wanting to please God. A pure heart is a heart that that has a single-minded devotion to the Lord. There is no deceit or double-mindedness in a pure heart. 

This person will see God. Wow. What does Jesus mean by seeing God? Intimate fellowship. 

A person who has a pure heart, will experience intimate fellowship with God while on this earth. The beatitudes plays both a present and future function. A pure heart will indeed see God in heaven, but he can surely experience God here and now! A pure heart that is fully devoted to the Lord, will have real experiences with the living God. There will be moments in life where they will have undeniable moments with God.

The pure heart is sensitive to the Lord. They are acute to the presence of God in ways a deceitful heart is not. 

Is your heart pure? Are you motivated by a single-devotion to please the Lord? If you are, you can rest assure that you will experience the living God in your everyday life. If not, this is an opportunity for you to repent and ask God to purify your heart. 

William ChungComment