Persecuted for Righteousness (Through the Gospels)


"Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” ^Matthew 5:10. (Click to read entire passage)

The one who truly lives for God, will face opposition. If someone tries to live out the teachings of Christ and exude his character, they will come into conflict with many differing world views, philosophies and religions. Authentic righteousness can be offensive to many people. 

This persecution is a result of righteous living and not because one’s sins or lack of character and wisdom. Jesus makes clear through the beatitudes above, that if someone  lives to be meek, righteous, merciful and peaceful, they will be persecuted by those around them. 

As Christians today, we must not shy away from the teachings and life of Christ. There are things in the Word of God that are incredibly offensive to our culture. There are truths about God’s Kingdom that will offend and get others angry. If you truly live for His Kingdom there will be moments that your beliefs will be confronted by those around you. Jesus is talking about those moments. Moments when our love for Him and commitment to stay true to His Word will be met by opposition.

In these moments we must stand with Jesus and not with the world. In love, humility, grace and wisdom, we must endure the mockery and persecution that may come with living out the Word of God. The one who does this, is truly living out the Kingdom of God. 

William ChungComment