Spiritual Transaction (Through the Gospels)

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them” ^Matthew 5:17. (Click to read entire passage)

The law reveals our sins, but Jesus removes our sins. The way that Jesus removes our sins, is by fulfilling the requirements of the law and imputes it unto us as a free gift of righteousness.

The Old Testament Law was given to Israel to restore their relationship with a Holy God. Just like any other relationship on this earth, there are certain requirements that must be set in place for there to be a legitimate relationship. For example, loyalty, sacrifice, commitment, joy and understanding are traits that allow people to enjoy true friendship with others. 

In the same way, God has placed certain rules and principles in place for man to enjoy fellowship with God. However, the problem was that all of humanity has failed to keep their end of the bargain. God has stayed true to His promises, but man has failed in every aspect. Thus, Jesus comes and meets all the requirements of what is necessary from the law, in order for man to restore their fellowship with God.

Jesus says, “I have no come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it." What does this mean? Jesus has perfectly obeyed the standards needed to be in relationship with God. Where man has fallen short, Jesus has filled the gap. Why is this good news for us? There is a spiritual transaction that takes place for the Christian that puts their faith in the Lord. We are completely forgiven and perfectly righteous in the eyes of God. Not because what we have done, but because what Jesus has done.

Jesus has taken our place as sinners, and we have taken His place as a son or daughter. Jesus fulfilled the law, so that we can inherit a true and authentic relationship with God. All of our sin, guilt and shortcomings has been transferred over to Jesus, and all of His victories, obedience and faithfulness has been given to us. This is the gospel. This is why we are able to be true sons and daughters of God’s Kingdom, because of Jesus. 

Are you discouraged because your short-comings? Know that this Christian life isn’t about what you have done for God, but what Jesus has done for you. This is true humility. To accept that Jesus has done for us what we could not do for ourselves, is humility at work. 

William ChungComment