Follow Me! (Through the Gospels)


"And he said to them, 'Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men’” ^Matthew 4:19.

The phrase, "Follow me," is a call to discipleship. This invitation from Jesus was not a call to simply hear but to act. Andrew and Peter had to make a decision that would cause them to actually follow Jesus and leave behind their nets in order to do so. 

Andrew and Peter as fishermen understood that there was a deep significance when Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Why did Jesus use this illustration? Jesus uses this illustration to reveal a deeper significance of what God would be calling them to do. While they used to catch fish out the water they will now draw men out of the abyss of sin, death and hell. 

However, in order for the disciples to “catch” men, they must first follow Jesus. One cannot bring someone to Jesus unless they are with Jesus. The first call of the disciples is to physically follow Jesus as an act of complete allegiance and loyalty to Him. In doing this, you enter into true discipleship. The disciples actually followed Jesus and you and I must do the same. “Immediately they left their nets and followed him” (Matthew 4:20-21). The disciples did not metaphorically follow Jesus, but they literally left their nets and followed Him at His Word. When someone comes into relationship with Jesus, there will be a tangible difference in their lives. 

This difference in our lives will cause others to want to know Jesus. The primary calling is to follow Jesus and this will result in us becoming the bait. Bait is what is used to draw fish to the net. You and I must become the bait. Our love for Christ will become bait that draws men to Christ and Jesus will use us to save men unto Himself! 

William ChungComment