What Makes You Cry (Through the Gospels)


“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” ^Matthew 5:4 (Click to read entire passage)

What makes you cry? What fills your heart with grief and makes you mourn? 

When Jesus says, “Blessed are those who mourn,” He is talking about people who mourn over their sins. 

When someone enters into the Kingdom of God, they have a revelation of their personal sins. One of the first thing that happens to a child of God is a intense awareness of their sinfulness. Jesus expounds on this reality and says some people will even mourn over their sins. 

For this person, they will be comforted by God’s forgiveness, mercy, grace and love. They will not be met by a harsh judge, but an embracing Father. The fruit of true repentance is always joy. It may start with mourning but it will end with blessedness. 

The child who knows how sinful they are but yet how loving and forgiving God is, will be comforted by the love of God. This is the gospel. One may weep over their sins but will soon find themselves overwhelmed by God’s love.

Have you ever mourned over your sins? If you have not felt an emotional response to how sinful you are, there is high probability that you’ve never truly seen yourself. If you have never been overwhelmed by the love of the Lord, it is highly possible that you have never tasted the mercy and forgiveness of God. Come to Him today and invite Him to open your eyes to how sinful you truly are but at the same time how merciful He truly is. 

William ChungComment