Are You Humble? (Through the Gospels)

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“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” ^Matthew 5:5. (Click to read entire passage)

Meekness is humility. 

The meek are those who are humble and yet exude a gentle strength. The meek have yielded their rights to the Lord and as a result have a inner strength that comes from God. 

There is so much power in meekness because the meek are controlled by God and nothing else. Their inner surrender to God has enabled them to be free from having to prove themselves to others. A humble person is not weak but rather someone who understands their true identity before God. They release themselves from all aggression and control because they have a revelation of who they are in Christ. 

There is so much power behind true meekness.

Jesus says that this individual will inherit the earth. Jesus is talking about the Kingdom of God. The meek and humble will have a place in God’s Kingdom. Jesus begins His ministry by saying that Kingdom is at hand (Matthew 3:2). The Beatitudes is a picture of what God’s Kingdom is supposed to look like. Thus, the meek will have a place of authority in God’s Kingdom. The one who releases their power and authority to God will in return receive a Kingdom authority. 

Have you surrendered your rights and desires to God? Are you meek and humble? Though it may feel like a loss to let go, it is actually an eternal gain. The more we surrender to God, the more we receive. The one who loses him or herself will find themselves in Christ. 

William ChungComment