Longing for Righteousness (Through the Gospels)


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” ^Matthew 5:6. (Click to read entire Psalm)

The basic drive of all human decisions is desire. 

Desire drives all the decisions that we make. Hunger and thirst is talking about the deepest desires of the human heart. Jesus uses the most fundamental metaphor for human existence; hunger and thirst. 

So what is Jesus talking about here? A longing for righteousness. One of the signs of someone who is truly living for God’s Kingdom, is an intense longing to live a righteous life. 

This individual hungers and thirsts for righteousness, which is not the same as achieving righteousness by works. While the Pharisees tried to achieve righteousness, Jesus is talking about someone who longs for it in their hearts and God Himself is the one who gives it to them. Jesus says, “For they shall be satisfied.” 

The one who sets out to achieve perfect righteousness will soon be met by failure. However, the one who longs for it in his or her heart, will be met by a Righteous God who will give righteousness as a gift. This gift is the righteousness of Christ. God is the one who does the filling. God fills us with righteousness by giving us the free gift of salvation which comes from Jesus! 

But what is the most important message from this verse? The heart. It’s our desires. The Christian life is not about an external appearance, but the internal posture of our hearts. When our hearts are sincerely longing to be right with God, God will grant us this gift and strength through Christ. 

What are you longing for? 

William ChungComment